Twinlets by Xela

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Chapter Notes: A little set up chapter before the fun really begins.
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox studios. This story is not meant to infringe upon anyone's rights, only to entertain.
Buffy Summers tumbled into her apartment at four in the morning absolutely shit-faced de-runk. She giggled and fell face first into the couch. It was soft and pretty, not like Riley. Fucking Riley Finn. Who the hell did he think he was? He dumped her! HE dumped HER! She let out an unlady-like snort. Like he had business dumping anyone. Maybe she would send him a ‘thank you’ card, cause damn. The boy was boring AND he was a bad lay. Buffy decided that yep, he was quite possibly the worst lay of her life. She should totally drink to that. Buffy tried to sit up to find some more alcohol, but she ended up falling off the couch with a loud thunk. She giggled again, and enjoyed her buzz spread-eagle on the floor. A fuzzy, blurry face appeared in front of her.

“Shpike!” she exclaimed happily. Oh yeah, one of two of the big reasons Riley had dumped her. Well, big was still a mystery, since Buffy hadn’t actually seen the, ah, goods of her two very hot roommates. But judging by the package being sported in front of her...BIG. And William had to be just as big as Spike ‘cause they were, well, twins. And that was the rule: identical twins had to be identical. In every way. Especially the two hottest twins on the planet. With big packages. Buffy sat up to get a closer look.

Spike had to admit, a trashed Buffy Summers was one of the most amusing things on the planet. The girl did not know how to hold her liquor, and from the smell of her, she’d been partying for a while. And then she sat up and started eyeballing his crotch. Fuck. He’d wanted the little blonde since the moment she’d waltzed into his life. But she’d been dating that wanker Riley since they met, and what she was doing right now was just cruel. He felt his cock responding to her drunken perusal, and let out a tortured whimper. Life was not fair. He heard a male laugh behind him and flipped the bird at his brother. Will walked around the couch and laughed harder when he saw the state of his drunken roommate. She graced him with a smile that took his breath away.

“Will-ee-yum!” she giggled. Her eye fixated on his lip. “Yum! Yummy!” Will froze where he was. Buffy reached up and softly touched his cheek. Will forgot how to breath. Her fingers drifted lightly over his lips and a breathy moan escaped his lips. He was on the verge of tackling her and having his wicked way...except no, she was trashed, had a boyfriend, and he just had way too much lo--respect for the girl. That would have to wait until she was sober. With extreme will power, Will caught her hand and placed a not-so-chaste kiss on her palm.

“Mornin’ beautiful. Looks like you’ve had quite a night. Where’s Captain Cardboard this fine evening?” he asked. She broke out in a pout, and Will couldn’t take his eyes off that lower lip. God, even drunk the chit was ridiculously hot. A strong hand gripped his shoulder painfully. Apparently Spike was just as affected as he was.

“Fuck him!” Buffy exclaimed with a vehemence only a drunk person could muster. Will and Spike exchanged very interested looks. Buffy was constantly defending her boring dope of a boyfriend. “He dumped me. The fucker.”

“Did he now?” Spike asked. Of all the stupid things the git had done, this had to take the bloody cake. Riley soddin’ Finn dumped Buffy? The best thing that could possibly happen to any man, and he let her go. Well, Spike had a few ideas on how to make the pouting girl perk up.

“Ye-p,” Buffy said, popping the p, “He was all ‘You don’t love me enough’ and bullshit bullshit bullshit and he said, he said ‘Living with two men is for a lady.’ Well, y’know what? Fuck him! Whatever, I do what I want! Just ‘cause you’re both soooooo way hotter than he is and and and THEN! Oh, THEN he said that I was always thinkin’ about you two when I was with HIM, which whatever cause he was a lousy lay anyway, so I had to do SOMEHTING, you know? Only he didn’t really like that when I told him.” Spike and Will grinned at each other. This was beyond fabulous. “And THEN I told him it so wasn’t true, ‘cuz if I was thinkin’ of you...and you....I would TOTALLY so have been screaming. Loudly. Many times.” She seemed very pleased with herself.

Spike lost it. He could just see that ponce’s face when Buffy went on her rant. He really really hated Riley Finn, and he’d been trying to get Buffy to dump his sad ass since she moved into their apartment. He was just so rigid and unimaginative, and he hated Spike and William with a passion. Not that the feeling wasn’t mutually returned. But now he was out of the picture, which meant Operation Seduce Buffy would go into full effect without any nasty obstacles or nasty repercussions to weigh on Buffy’s conscience.

“Well luv...that’s quite a way to go,” Will said. He was right there with Spike though, his insides doing a snoopy dance that Captain Anal Retentive was out of their lives...and Buffy Summers was enthusiastically single. Which meant all they had to do was make her realize that there was nothing wrong with indulging herself...continuously...for the rest of their lives.

“It was fun,” Buffy said, pulling herself back into a sitting position. She grabbed the front of Will’s shirt and pulled him down to her. Their lips were inches apart and Will was captivated as the tip of her tongue darted out. “He’s jealous ‘cause you are way hotter ‘n’ him.”

Will was sure she said something, but he was having a really hard time concentrating on anything except that flash of tongue. The swelling in his jeans was painful, and the scent of Buffy flooded his senses.

Spike took pity on his brother. “Time to get you to bed, luv!”


Buffy slowly came to, fighting against the alcohol that still had control of her brain. What happened last night? She laid there, very warm and surprisingly comfortable, as she tried to run through the events of the night. Oh yeah. Riley dumped her for a series of bullshit reasons, the first being she didn’t love him enough, the last being her supposed infidelity with her roommates. Make that mental infidelity. She’d then called up Faith and indulged in a lot of alcohol and an anti-Riley rant, which Faith seemed to have loved. Then...Oh. Oh no! She had vague recollections of coming home absolutely trashed and telling Spike and Will...things. She let out a strangled groan and burrowed into her pillow. Her surprisingly firm pillow that smelled very male. She suddenly realized that she was quite firmly pinned between two very hard, distinctly male bodies.

Cracking open one eye, Buffy was graced with a spectacular, up-close view of Spike’s beautifully sculpted chest. His hand was settled possessively on her waist, and his leg was thrown carelessly over her hip. Will was at her back, suctioned closely to her body, one arm banded firmly around her, his warm breath tickling the back of her neck. She refused to acknowledge their dual state of arousal.

Oh God.

How had she ended up here? In this position? With her roommates? Her very hot, undeniably sexy, barely clothed, twin roommates? She was in her tank top and underwear, and she knew they wouldn’t have...taken advantage...of her while she was drunk. She ignored the voice in her head that said if they had, she wouldn’t have been complaining. She was distracted by another glimpse of Spike’s chest and found herself desperate to discover is Will’s matched. Because WOW. She felt a blush rising as warmth flooded through her womb and moisture began gathering between her legs. She needed to get out of there now. Lusting after her sexy roommates was a big NO, her body’s reactions be damned.

With a sigh, she began half heartedly untangling herself from their tight grips. Thankfully, she somehow managed to get out of the bed without waking either of them. She glanced back, and her brain began malfunctioning when the twins settled into an intimate embrace, contented sighs escaping from their full lips. Shaking off the naughty fantasies, Buffy turned and sprinted to the bathroom. She needed a very cold shower very quickly.

“Me thinks the lady wants us,” Will said without bothering to open his eyes. He curled further into his brother’s embrace, nuzzling into his chest.

“Yeah...but y’know she’s gonna fight it,” Spike responded, attempting to ignore his brother’s ministrations. The seduction of the fiery blonde they’d both been lusting for was not something they could fuck up...because this one very well could be The One.

“You were awake for that little scene, n’est pas? The sharp breaths, poundin’ heart...that delicious smell. Oh Ms. Summers wants us in a bad way,” Will assured, nibbling up the column of Spike’s throat. He was rewarded with a strangled moan. “I don’t think she’ll give us half as much trouble as you think. Token protests at the most.”

“Well then, big brother,” Spike gasped, “I suppose we should be there when our Buffy gets out of the shower...just to make sure she’s...clean.”


Buffy always did her best thinking in the shower. And this situation with her roommates definitely deserved her best thinking. Because she was insanely attracted to both of them. Not just Will or just Spike; but the individuals as well as the idea of them together. The three of them. The idea was exciting and naughty and maybe she was the sick pervert Riley had accused her of being last night. Because it was wrong, right, to want them both? She sighed and turned the hot water up a bit.

OK, so she had an...unusual obsession with Spike and Will. But that was fine, because Spike and Will were unusual twins. They did everything they could do together. They didn’t like to be apart, and even though they had separate bedrooms, Buffy was pretty sure they slept in the same bed. So they shared everything in their lives...why not her?

Part of their appeal was the fact that there were two of them. Spike was superficially the rough-and-tumble bad boy. But really, he was incredibly sensitive and extremely loyal to his friends. Will, on the other hand, was considered the refined one--but only in public. Out of the public spot light, he was crude and delighted in finding new ways to make Buffy blush. The two of them separate were delicious. But together...together they were truly electrifying. And she wanted both of them.

That’s wrong and disgusting! Prudish Buffy protested. Pick one and date him if you must, but two? Mom would disown you. Buffy decided not to even think about her mother. That was a whole ‘nother can of worms.

Oh, get laid! The purely sexual part of her said. If they both want you and you want both of them, at the same time or whatever, then what’s wrong with it? You’re not hurting anyone, and let’s be’ve wanted them since you walked into this apartment the first time.

The sexual side had a point. Except this could all go horribly wrong, and she’d loose two of the best friends she’d ever had.

You going to sit there and think about what if, or take your chance at happiness?

I think it’s time to take a risk, Buffy decided. BUT--self preservation kicking in--I’m not going to put myself out there. I’m going to wait and look for the signs and go from there. That way, there would be no embarrassing scenes, no potentially awkward rejections, and no fallout of any kind. And I’m going to ignore how I rationalized that way too easily. Satisfied with her decision, Buffy turned off the shower and wrapped herself in a giant fluffy towel. Running a comb through her hair, she opened to door and found her way blocked by two smirking and very shirtless bottle blondes.

“Buffy,” said Will with a slow, predatory leer.

“’allo pet,” Spike said smugly, taking a slow measured step towards her.

“Spike and I had a few things to...discuss with you. About last night.” Will was inches away from her now, close enough to kiss. His blue eyes were dark and stormy. She jumped when Spike’s arms wrapped around her from behind, his lips lightly brushing the side of her neck as Will stepped even closer.

I think that’s your sign, sexual Buffy said smugly.

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