Tailored Encounters by Im_bloody_English

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Chapter Notes: This is my first-ever attempt at spuffy fanfic. I chose one idea out of many that I felt was a good solid simple first-fic to write that has been roaming around my head for a while now. So before you review, be kind rewind and remember: it's my first and it gets better and better as time goes on, that's a promise. Warning: The intimate scenes will be described in detail to enhance the readers experience, however, there will be nothing too disturbing or over the top (at least from my POV, and hey, it's nc17 right?). So if you're easily offended by the above mentioned please stay away. I welcome constructive criticism only and simply will not reply to flames. I'll take the time to respond to everyone's reviews as I seek encouragement on my road to becoming a good author.

My special thanks go out to to Meg and Bri. And also to Karbea57, whose own work and advice as a veteran writer has been invaluable, especially on the technical aspects of writing good fanfic. One of her works was my first“ever 'read' welcoming me into the spuffy world that made me stay, she is an inspiration.

I hope you like the introduction to my little story that I hope will be enjoyed by all who choose to read. Thank you for taking time out to give me a shot at my imagination as it runs wild in the world of Spike & Buffy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Mutant enemy and Joss own all the characters, I merely use them for pure entertainment.
There was no word for it other than frustrating. Ok... two words, purely frustrating.

I should just become a nun and get it over with. Buffy thought to herself as Riley rolled off from on top of her, all sweating and grunting. All I want is one good orgasm, just one. Is it so much to ask from a guy?

She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Stifling the urge to let out a huge sigh she reached for her clothes and immediately began getting dressed.

“You leaving so soon babe?” Riley asked in a pathetic voice. She didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth, he was too fragile for that. They had been seeing each other for about three weeks. She slept with him after the first eleven days, and had silently prayed it would get better. Now, she knew it was never going to happen. He just wasn't 'doin it' for her.

“I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow morning to prepare for. Sorry” she lied.

“Oh. So can I see you tomorrow night then?”

God he is so pathetic. “I’m going out of town on that business trip for the next few days, remember? After the meeting I have a flight to catch.” She found she was getting good at this lying thing.

“I forgot.” There was a long moment of silence before he spoke again, “Call me when you get there please… so I know you made it ok?”

She stood and turned around putting her best fake smile on. “Sure thing. I'll talk to you later.” She leaned over to kiss him on the lips chastely all the while thinking NOT, just gotta have a few days to figure out how to dump you nicely.

After spending an entire weekend with Riley at his place, she knew she had to get him out of her life quickly, before the boy started developing strong feelings for her. There was no business trip, it was a well-practiced excuse she had come up with to have the time and distance to devise a plan. She would have just told him she was moving out of the country but the chances of running into him in public wasn’t worth the risk. He really was a sweet guy, but after getting to know him better, he was too much the clueless boy next-door type for her taste.

She silently wondered on the drive back to her house if she was being too fussy. The truth was she didn’t necessarily want a man in her life at the present time. She was an independent and successful businesswoman content with living on her own. Dating here and there could be fun, but also time consuming, exhausting and rarely served her basic physical needs. She denied every man she’d gone out with any semblance of a lasting relationship having found something wrong with each one of them, whether it was in or out of the bedroom.

Now all she wanted was one thing, great sex. No, scratch that… earth shattering sex. Why shouldn’t I be picky? After all, not one of them ever seemed overly concerned with MY satisfaction. They get-off every time regardless. What’s the point being born to have multiple orgasms if I can’t even have one decent one?

Though she hadn’t slept with many men in her life, they had quickly fallen into two categories in her mind: the ‘out for themselves’ type or the ‘full of themselves’ “You like that don’t ya baby” type.

Buffy was sick of being pawed at and even sicker of faking it for their ego’s sake. She needed a man, a real M-A-N who knew what he was doing in the bedroom, knew a woman’s body and exactly how to take care of it. Someone who would seduce her, take their time to really work her up, learn what made her feel good and selflessly tend to her desires before thinking of themselves. The type to just plain TAKE her over and over again in that manner till she couldn’t see straight. Where’s a Casanova when you need one? She asked the universe.

Pulling into her driveway, she spoke aloud, “God maybe I should just get a fuck buddy, no strings attached no messy emotional stuff just someone to periodically release a little tension with." Yeah, right, she could hear herself now. Hey, you’re hot, wanna fuck on the weekends and deny we know each other during the week?


After a long hot shower and resorting to her fingers to find some release, she settled down in front of her computer in a white terry cloth robe with a hot cup of tea. Logging into her email account, she quickly started sorting through her junk mail deleting all the ‘how2pleaseher’ and ‘viagra4U’ types. “Great, just remind me of what I’m not getting.” She sipped her tea and continued to read the subject lines till one caught her attention.

‘Rencontre Travaillée par Lorne'. Hmmmmmmmmm sounds like an escort service. Would it make me a ho if I hired one? Her index finger hesitated in pressing delete as she contemplated it. Curiosity always got the best of Buffy and usually landed her in trouble, killing the cat in the end. But when weighing the options of a one-night stand or a fuck buddy against hiring a professional with whom she wouldn’t have to deal with the next day, it did hold a certain appeal. Wouldn’t hurt to just look into it, right? Deleting the email in case it held a virus, she signed out and went to Google to see if this Lorne guy’s business would actually produce any results. Well… surprise, surprise! Finding what she thought might be the website within the first five results; she clicked on the link and began to read:

“Whatever your desire, we’ve got it for hire. Simply fill out our questionnaire and state any additional specifications in the text box provided. We’ll get back to you in five working business days guaranteed. For a quicker response, mark the box ‘Urgent’.”

“Seems simple enough.” She clicked the icon for the questionnaire and was surprised at its length.

‘Tailoring the Man/Woman’ was the title. Scanning it more closely, she realized the type of questions it asked, referring to physical attributes of every aspect imaginable. “Wow, this is like Burger King, I CAN have my way, yeah me.” Laughing aloud as she thought about the slogan. She noticed the answers had to be typed in, but if this wasn’t a scam and she could get exactly what she wanted who cared how long it took? If it was a scam, well then…

Reading each question, she decided to be perfectly honest and hope they delivered.

Male/Female/something in-between?
“A big ewww, definitely 'Male'” She typed her choice.

How many/combination?
“Okaaaaaaaaay again with the ewww and it should only take 'one' right?”

Hair color?
Ummmmmmmmmmmm. 'Surprise me’ She typed.

Hair length?


Eye color?
‘No preference’

Build/body type?
‘Lean and mean’ Buffy laughed, this was getting more fun by the second.

‘Not too tall, not too short’. After all, she didn’t want to be dwarfed nor be staring the guy straight in the face.

Breast size (if applicable)?
Skip that.

Penile length/girth (if applicable)?
‘Size matters somewhat but as long as he knows how to use it’

Oh, this is too much fun. She ran through the rest of the list not being able to hide the childish grin that crossed her face, half of her hoping that this was for real, the other half slightly scared it would be. Pushing forward, she made sure to be specific where she felt necessary while other questions she left up open for this ‘Lorne’ to decide.

After a good 15 minutes, she finally reached the end of the questionnaire feeling quite pleased with her self for having created a perfect ‘made-to-order man’. Next came the ‘Additional Specifications’ section. She read aloud underneath the heading:

Specifications can include but are not limited to: personality, fantasy/role play, attire/costume desired, fetish, length of time required (over night costs extra), props/equipment, etc… Read some quotes from other satisfied customers for obtaining ideas.”

“Really rather not go there, thanks anyhow.”

Sitting back, she realized this was where she could have complete control and state exactly what it was she was looking for, rather than a simple ‘eye color’ question. This was it. She was being asked for what she needed. And now that she was her mind drew a complete blank. Sure, she had ideas, but specifically? After a few minutes of thoughtful reflection and inwardly cringing at particular memories, she took to typing again.

Checking over her work for grammar and spelling upon finishing, she read it back to herself:

“I have a history of selfish lovers. Truth of the matter is I have a hard time reaching orgasm, and no it’s not a medical problem so stamina is a must have. I want someone who isn’t going to hesitate to have his wicked way, someone who’s confident in his abilities, unafraid to explore new ways of doing the same old thing, one who leads not follows (no whips or chains though please, handcuffs…maybe).” Buffy blushed at that thought. “I don’t mind talking as long as there isn’t too much of it. I can’t think of any real fantasy per se that I have but I’m NOT into the Prince Charming romantic type. My motto: the hunt is better than the kill, especially when it comes to foreplay. Ride me hard several times AND put me away wet. I don’t want to be able to sit right for a week. I don’t need him to spend the night but it is nice to be held till I’m asleep.

Sincerely, or rather truthfully,
Ms. Desperate”

“Yeah, that about sums it up. Now all I have to do is cross my fingers that this isn’t a scam.” She scrolled down to where it requested her email address or phone number in order to receive a response. By now, she felt so worked up between her thighs after thinking about her ‘ideal lover’ that she opted for the contact by phone and marked the box entitled ‘Urgent’.

“Here’s hoping.” She placed her cursor over the ‘submit’ button, but then hesitated. God what am I doing?

You know good and well what you’re doing. Spoke her inner slut.

Yeah, but what if this is a scam, or worse, a set-up by police? Now it was her goody side.

Yeah riggggght, like they’re gonna call and arrest you over the phone when no money has been exchanged. Stop worrying so much and take a chance, after all we soooo need a good lay.

But a hooker? A hooker!!! Am I really THAT desperate?

Look how well it worked out in The Wedding Date.

That’s a movie, this is reality… there’s no such thing as having your cake and eating it too.

Just press the damn button would you? Stop thinking so much.

Thank God there was no one around that could read her inner thoughts or she would have been carted off to the nearest asylum for the argument that took place in her head.

“Oh god, here goes,” she groaned and pressed enter before her good girl could protest any further. Logging off with a sigh, she glanced at her watch…5:22. Still too early for bed, not too early to break out Mr. Vibrator though. Walking into her bedroom and heading for her nightstand that housed the rubber toy she suddenly changed her mind. “If this thing is for real and I hear from this guy I better go without and be extra horny. Whoever the poor bastard ends up being is going to have his work cut out for him.”

Authors Note: The first two chapters are relatively short and I will be posting the second one shorty. After that, chapters will become longer and a bit more intense, just like our favorite couple.

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