The Sitter by PaganBaby

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The Sitter

by PaganBaby

RATED A STRONG NC-17!!! This is definitely not for children or squeamish people. This story involves a few taboos, mainly: Twin males under 18 having sex with an older woman and M/M incest. If those things turn you off or if you are underage, please do not read any further.

Warnings for: Hardcore, graphic sexual content, M/M slash, M/M/F scenes, allusions to F/F sex, anal, oral, adult language, some BDSM, and the above mentioned older woman/underage males sex and M/M incest.

Summary: AU. Buffy is 26-years-old and looking for a job. She takes a job looking after 16-year-old twins, Spike and William. Hijinks ensue.

Joss, ME and FOX own everything.

Thanks to Tiana for beta'ing for me!


Chapter 1

Twenty-six-year-old Buffy Summers sat at her kitchen table, going through the want ads in the newspaper.

Her roommate, Faith, walked into the kitchen. She went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of Gatorade.

"Hey, B. Still pounding the pavement?" Faith asked, screwing off the bottlecap.

"Yeah," Buffy groaned. "I can't find anything promising. You still pounding that guy you brought home last night?" she asked with a small smile.

Faith grinned. "Yep. I'm just taking a little breather and making sure I don't dehydrate. Gotta keep my electrolytes up. As far as the job hunt goes, why don't you just come back to the club? I'm sure that Warren would take you back."

Faith and Buffy had met two years ago when Buffy started dancing at the club Faith worked in, The Peppermint Stick. It was a 'Gentleman's Club'--in other words, a strip joint.

"For the hundredth time, Faith," Buffy said with exasperation, "I'm trying to put that behind me. I want to try going for respectable instead of slutty in my career."

Faith almost choked on a mouthful of her drink. She snorted, swallowed and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Respectable? We get plenty of respect at the club. Our regulars would jump in front of a fuckin' bus for us."

"Only because they hope, if they survived, that we'd fuck them out of gratitude. That's not respect. I'm 26, Faith. I want to have something different going for myself by the time I'm 30."

Faith shook her head. "I don't get you, Summers. You can pull down 500 bucks a night dancing, but you want to work your ass off for minimum wage?"

"I don't want to have to do that. Outside of stripping, there's not a lot of demand for dancers in Sunnydale. So if I want to eat and pay the rent, I have to look for something else."

"Yeah...speaking of the rent..." Faith bit her lip.

"I know...I still owe you $200. I'm trying to find something, Faith. I'll pay up as soon as I get some money."

Faith still didn't understand why Buffy was trying to get away from stripping. It paid amazingly well and you met interesting people. Maybe Buffy would come back to the fold after a few months of struggling to make ends meet.

"Don't stress about the money, B. I've got more than enough to cover you until you get something goin'. Hey, I've heard about these sweet gigs where you house-sit for rich motherfuckers while they're on vacation. Amy from the club told me about how her cousin did that and got paid wads of cash."

"House-sitting?" Buffy thought about it. "What did Amy's cousin have to do while they were away?"

"Just shit like cleaning and watering the lawn. You could do that. Oh, she had to watch their kid, too. She got paid even more because of the rugrat."

"I like kids," Buffy said, "I wouldn't mind watching a little boy or girl." The more she thought about it, the better it sounded. If she could make some good money for a few weeks work and did a good job, she could get recommended to the people's friends. "I'm going to call Amy and ask her for more info."

"Good luck." Faith put the bottle back in the refrigerator. "I'll be back in a few hours to refuel. You...don't want to join us, do you?"

"Nah, I'm not in a threesome kind of mood. You have fun, though."

"Oh, I will," Faith giggled, heading back to her bedroom.

Buffy got up to look in her rolodex for Amy's phone number. As she flipped through the cards she pondered her recent lack of a sex drive. In the past she had been eager to jump at the chance for a threesome with Faith. Faith was enthusiastic and very good at pleasing both men and women. And Buffy loooved sex--hot, sweaty, monkey lovin' sex. But lately Buffy just hadn't 'been in the mood'. Even straight, one-on-one sex with a guy didn't hold much appeal. It had been weeks since Buffy even felt the need to masturbate. Was her sex drive fading at the tender age of 26? She didn't like that thought at all.

Buffy spoke to Amy and got the phone number of her cousin. Then she called the cousin, Harmony, asking her about how she had come by the house-sitting job. Harmony seemed a bit dim-witted but friendly. If she could handle this kind of job then Buffy reasoned she should have no problems. Harmony gave Buffy a list of prospective clients that she'd come by somehow. Harmony told her that she'd vouch for her if she needed it. Buffy thanked her and started calling the numbers on the list.

Six numbers down the list, with no luck so far (they all preferred people with experience), Buffy dialed the number of a Mr. Rupert Giles. According to Harmony, he needed someone for a two month period.

"Hello, Mr. Giles. My name is Buffy Summers. I'm calling in regard to your need for a house-sitter."

"Hello, Ms. Summers. I'm so glad that you've called! My wife and I are leaving next week and we still haven't found the right person. We're in a bit of a bind, I'm afraid."

Buffy got little tingles from the man's British accent. She loved accents! But he said he had a wife...Damn.

"Oh, well, I'll be happy to help you out and get a job in the bargain," Buffy said, smiling.

"That would be wonderful. But it's not a simple house-sitting job. I have two young sons that are staying behind, so I'd need you to take care of them as well."

"That' problem. I'm sure that I can handle it. I have young cousins and I've babysat on many occasions." Buffy hoped that she sounded confident.

"You'd also be responsible for everyday cleaning and straightening up. We have a cleaning woman come every Monday, but things can pile up in between."

"Again, no problem. I don't mind cleaning."

"Do you have any references?" Giles asked.

"Um, I'm just starting out in this kind of work. I--do know Harmony Kendall though."

"Um...Oh, yes, Miss Kendall worked for my friend Ethan last year. He said that she did a fine job for him. What sort of work did you do before?"

Buffy swallowed nervously. "I'm a dancer, actually. But...there's not many opportunities in this town."

"A dancer! How interesting! Ballet? Ballroom?"

"Uh, I can do lots of different kinds. I was thinking that it'd be fun to have my own dance studio someday," Buffy said.

"That would be wonderful for you. It's important to have aspirations and dreams." Giles liked the sound of her voice. He trusted his hunches and he was rarely wrong about people. His instincts told him that this young woman was the right person. "I've got a good feeling about you, Ms. Summers. I'm prepared to offer you the position."

"That's great! Thank you so much! But I have a few more questions, if that's alright?"

"Absolutely. I want you to make an informed decision. Ask away."

"How old are your boys?"

"They're 16, and they're twins."

Buffy blinked in surprise. "16? Oh, I assumed that they were small children."

Giles chuckled, "No, they're big boys. You won't have to bathe them or tuck them into bed."

"Aren't they old enough to be by themselves?" Buffy wanted to slap herself in the forehead. She was going to talk her way right out of a job. It wasn't very savvy of her to question the need for her services.

"Yes, but they need supervision. They've caused all manner of mischief when left to their own devices."

"Hmm, I'm not sure if I'm suited to take care of two rowdy teenaged boys..." Buffy said doubtfully. As much as she wanted the job, she didn't want to take on something that would be too much for her.

"I assure you, they'll behave themselves with you here, Ms. Summers. It's only when they're alone that they get destructive and unruly. Please, consider it, won't you? I'll pay you handsomely..."

Dollar signs appeared in Buffy's eyes. "When you say handsomely...."

"I'll pay you $3000 for the two months--One thousand five hundred for each boy. $1500 before we leave, then $1500 when we come back. I want you mainly to look after them, make sure they do their schoolwork, don't throw parties, that sort of thing. And maintain the household, of course."

Three thousand bucks was way too sweet to pass up. It was still daunting, the prospect of having to keep two teenagers in line. She'd just let the kids know who was boss and not to try fucking with her.

"Just how bad are your sons?" Buffy asked, biting her lip. "They won't drive me nuts, will they?"

"My son, William, is a well-behaved boy. He's on the honor roll and is at the top of his class. My other son, Randy, is...he's the instigator. He's had behavior problems for a few years now--since his mother, my first wife, passed on. Randy is the one who causes trouble and occasionally brings William into it. Unfortunately, he has a bad influence on William."

"Hmm, so Randy's the one I'll have to watch more closely."

"Yes. I will give them both a very stern talking to about how to treat you and the home while I'm away. If they misbehave or give you any trouble, I'm only a long distance phone call away."

There was still the matter of actually seeing the house where she'd be staying for the next few months, and meeting the Giles boys, but Buffy made up her mind.

"I'll take the job," Buffy said.

"Excellent! Thank you, Ms. Summers. I'm sure everything will go swimmingly. Would you like to come over for dinner tonight? That would give you the chance to get acquainted with the boys and see our home before you move in."

"That sounds fine."

Giles gave Buffy his address and told her that dinner would be served at 6:30.

She hung up, relieved that she had a job lined up.


Randy "Spike" Giles laid on his back in his bed, tossing a tennis ball against the wall behind his bed, catching it, then throwing it again.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

Spike was a troublemaker, fancying himself an anarchist. Actually, he was pretty tame as anarchists go. He shoplifted, smoked (weed and cigarettes), drank, did some small-time vandalism and joyriding in cars. He enjoyed punk rock, wore lots of ripped and torn clothing (though his parents were loaded) and the thing that really sent his dad around the bend--bleached his hair blonde. Spike had no problem attracting girls. He had dated a lot since turning 15. Girls found him cool, good-looking and dangerous; they loved his bad boy attitude and looks.

Then there was his identical twin brother.

William was sitting at his computer desk, trying to work on his history report.

William and his twin were a study in contrasts. William was shy, naive, bookish and content to blend into a crowd instead of holding court like Spike tended to do. Where people were drawn to Spike, they were usually indifferent to and ignored William. He wore 'normal', uninteresting clothes. And he still wore his round glasses instead of opting for contacts like Spike. William often found himself flustered and having a pair of glasses to take off and polish gave him something to do instead of just standing there, looking like a prat. His hair was longish, wavy and the natural dark blonde color. He liked being able to have his hair cover his eyes when he got nervous.

Another big difference between them was their approach to academia. Spike could care less, while William made scholastic achievement a top priority. It angered William that Spike still managed to sail through classes with good grades without spending time studying and cutting almost every day. The report William was currently working on, for instance: William was busting his butt trying to do the best job possible. But Spike would just jot down a few things in homeroom tomorrow morning and probably get a B. It was just one of the maddening things that made William's blood boil concerning his brother.

William's writing got progressively shakier as the *Thumps* went on and on. He squeezed his eyes shut.

"Will you stop that?" William asked through clenched teeth.

"Nope," Randy (or Spike, as he preferred to be called) replied casually. He continued throwing the ball against the wall, smirking that he was getting on William's nerves.

William spun around in the desk chair. "Stop it! I'm trying to write my paper and I can't concentrate with you making all that noise! It's the same report you should be doing too, by the way!"

"Bite me, teacher's pet. I'm busy. I'm contemplatin' life."

"Can't you 'contemplate life' quietly?!"


*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

"You're doing it deliberately to irritate me!" William said.

"Yep. And it's working beautifully, too," Spike laughed. He gave William a backwards peace sign and smirked.

William's face reddened with anger. He stood up, clenching his fists. "Stop it, Spike! I'm really getting pissed!"

"Uh-oh! The braintrust is gettin' pissed! Can't have that, can we? I know what's really got you upset. You're still ticked off from when I tossed you out into the hall last week."

William colored even more, remembering the incident from last week.

William had been in their shared bedroom, preparing to put on his underwear after taking a shower, when his loving brother grabbed him and pushed him into the hallway--completely starkers. Spike had locked the door and laughed like a maniac on the other side as William pounded on it with his fists, demanding to be let back in. As if it weren't bad enough, their young step-mother, Anya, had been out there vacuuming. She'd gotten a view of 'The Full Monty'. It was the most embarrassing moment of William's life, and he had his evil twin to thank for it.

"You bastard," William grit his teeth. "Why are you such an asshole!?"

Spike giggled. "You turn the funniest shade of red when you get pissed off, little bro."

With a lion-like roar, William launched himself at his brother. Spike's eyes widened in surprise, he'd thought that William would endure a little more ribbing before he exploded. William dived on top of him. Spike put a hand under William's chin and pushed his face up and away. They wrestled on the bed, falling off onto the floor then rolled around, cursing and punching each other.

"What the devil is going on!?" Giles said, running into the room. "Boys! Stop that! Stop that this minute!"

"I'll break your bloody neck, wanker!" Spike growled.

"Not if I break yours first! I hate you!" William yelled. "Don't break my glasses!"

They rolled around some more. Giles strode over, grabbing Spike by the back of his pants and hauling him off of his brother. Giles roughly spun Spike away to put some distance between them.

"I told you to stop it! I won't have you two acting this way anymore! Look at yourselves!"

William sat up on the floor, leaning against Spike's bed. Both boys' chests were heaving. Spike had a few scratches on him. William had a dark red spot on his jaw from a punch. They both looked down in the face of their father's anger.

Giles continued, "You're twin brothers, for God's sake! And you tussle and argue like you’re worst enemies! You should be closer to each other than anyone else, and you behave like this!"

William looked up at him. "Dad, you don't understand," he said pleadingly. "He's a monster! He takes every opportunity to upset me!"

Spike glared at him. "Shut up, nancy boy! Don't play all innocent! You were the one who attacked me!"

"Only because you drove me to it!" William countered.

"That's enough out of both of you!" Giles said. "This will NOT continue! Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

"Yes, Dad," they said, looking down at the floor again. They could tell that their father was at his wit's end. It was best not to piss him off anymore.

"If this happens again, the first thing to go will be your allowances. Then it will be phone and television privileges. Then you'll both be grounded until you're 30! Now, shake hands and apologize to each other," Giles said firmly, crossing his arms over his chest.

They both looked at him, with horror-stricken expressions, aghast at having to say that they were sorry to the other.

At the same time, they whined, "But Da-aaad!"

Giles shook his head. "No buts. Apologize. Now."

They glowered at each other. William stood up, brushing off the back of his pants, then adjusted his crooked eyeglasses. They slowly walked toward each other like gunfighters at high noon.

William squared his shoulders and raised his sore chin. He extended his hand first. Spike looked at him resentfully, but shook his brother's hand.

"I'm...sorry, Spike," William said with much difficulty.

Rupert's eyes bored into Spike. Spike's upper lip twitched up briefly into a sneer. He swallowed and forced out, "I'm...sorry too, William."

They dropped each other's hand and looked at their father for approval. Giles smiled a bit.

"There, that wasn't too hard was it?" he asked them.

"No, sir," they said, looking back down.

"Good. I need you both on your very best behavior. I've finally hired someone to look after you and keep the house while Anya and I are away. She's coming to dinner tonight and I don't want you two scaring her off. Best behavior, understand?"

"Yes, sir," they droned.

"If either of you," he looked at Spike longer than William as he talked, "cause any trouble tonight, or during the time that I'm away, there will be Hell to pay."

The twins nodded in understanding. Spike kept an impish smirk from forming on his face, as he planned on having a lot of fun while their dad was away. Some old, bossy chit wasn't going to cramp his style.

William just hoped that one of them remained alive at the end of the two months. Without their dad there to break up the fights, it could be more serious next time. He would have to make a special effort not to let his brother get under his skin.

"Dad," William said, "we have enough rooms in the house...Why can't we have separate bedrooms at least?"

Spike nodded avidly. "Yeah, I can move into another room right away!"

"No. You boys will share this room."

"But...why?" William whined. "He makes it impossible to concentrate on my homework!"

Spike sneered at him.

Giles sighed, "I've explained it to you already. You need to learn to get along, and sharing a bedroom is the best way to accomplish that. When you go away to college you'll have a roommate, so it's best to get used to sharing space with another person. When you have your own homes, then you can pick and choose whom you wish to share your bedroom with."

Spike grumbled. William muttered.

"Clean yourselves up. Dinner will be ready at 6:30. I expect you both to be ready and well-behaved."

"Yes, Dad," they said, sneaking acidic glares in at the other when their dad wasn't looking.


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