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11:00pm Buffy's House

Buffy sat in her living room surrounded by her friends and silently contemplated Spike's sudden disappearances and wondered where he was hiding himself these days though, she knew well enough to just leave it be for the time being. *He'll be back in his own time on his terms, he still needs to adjust to having his non-beating heart torn apart and then handed back to him put together with rubber bands and scotch tape. * She smiled to herself as she thought of him checking up on her and Dawn's safety every night when he thought they had gone to sleep. She knew he did this simply because she had woken early on more than one occasion to find him fast asleep in the chair across from her bed. She never minded though, she just got up, put a blanket over his still form, kissed him softly on the forehead, and went back to bed. Never realizing that he was watching her with thoughtful eyes as she, in all her sleep tousled beauty, climbed back under the covers. They never spoke of it, and in the morning she'd wake up to a neatly folded blanket and a red rose. It was sweet, but she missed him. More than she cared to admit to herself or to anyone else. He always managed to make her feel more alive than anyone or anything could, she felt charged with energy and ready to kick ass when he was fighting with by her side and he made her laugh. He made her shout in anger, and frustration almost as much, but most of all he just made her be Buffy, and that made her smile.

"Um...Buffy...earth to buffy," Xander said snapping his finger in front of Buffy's glazed eyes, making her suddenly blink.

"Yep, she's still in there. Your turn Buffster." He said passing the quarter to her. They had been sitting at the dining room table playing Truth or Dare quarters for the past hour with Buffy leading with no drinks or dares and all the rest slightly tipsy from frequent shots. It wasn't that she was good at the game, it was just her reflexes were better than the rest, sometimes superhuman came in handy.

Plunk...went the quarter into the shot glass, smiling a little wickedly, Buffy turned to her left and asked,

" So, Anya, Truth or Dare?"

"Oh, truth, I so much like truth better," Anya said leaning heavily on the palm of her hand.

"Is it true that Xander sometimes likes to wear your panties? Sometimes even during sex?"

"What? Hey, no fair this is supposed to be a question for Anya, her truth not mine!" Looking at the former demon sternly he said "No, Anya, No!"

Slugging down the tequila Anya nodded sloppily with a lopsided grin,
"He 'specially likes the cotton, says they feel reeaaallll nice."

Xander at this point is looking for the nearest next dimensional portal to pop into. Or the nearest rock to climb under and die from embarrassment.

"This is not fair," he squeaked, "where the hell is my back up? Where the hell is Spike?'
" I cannot believe I just said that," looking like he just swallowed a bug, as Buffy missed her second shot deliberately drank the tequila and passed the quarter to Willow.

"Speaking of Spike..." Willow said her emerald eyes sparkling with a fiendish glow, as her quarter made a satisfying plunking sound as it went into the shot glass,
"Buffy, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare" (definitely dare) she thought to herself.

"OOOooooo the stakes are gonna go high now." Xander crowed.

"You have too..." whispering commenced between the scoobs as Buffy began to wonder what she had gotten herself into.

"O.k., we do happen to know where Spike is tonight, he's at Willies Bar. Willie seems to be throwing a little strip action tonight, and its no girls allowed, except of course the entertainment."

*Oh No*

"Your dare is that you have to go in there, give Spike a private lap dance and bring back something personal of his to prove it. Your choice of what the personal item is of course." Willow's green eyes sparkled wickedly again so Buffy knew there was know way of getting out of this one but she had to try.

"No! In fact, Hell No! If you think I'm going to Willies for all of demon kind to see the slayer as a stripper and then let Spike paw me, you have seriously gone 'round the bend." She protested not even realizing she had used Spike speak.

"Well...we'd put a glamour on you first so that no one but Spike recognizes you," said Willow.

"And she can use that amulet," Tara said getting into the act, " You know the one Will."

"Oh yeah as long as you wear it, as soon as you physically touch him he's a good little vamp he gets the full range of sensations but no touchy feelies. Well, on his side that is. Kinda like being stuck in quicksand, just not as ooky. "

"Course you need a word to break the charms spell when you leave so the poor guy can move," Willow pondered "....hmmm, how about fluffy bunny feet?"

At this point everyone roared in laughter at poor Anya's look of terror.
"Sorry An, just funnin'."

Xander suddenly sat up very straight, " how about looks like Spike got his. Make him feel a little less high and mighty. A little torment for the Spikester?"

Pretending to think it over for a moment, when in reality her hormones had already left for Willies, Buffy nodded.
"O.k., fine, I'll do it. This could even be fun, um...but what do I wear? I have absolutely nothing stripperesh in my wardrobe."

"Oh don't worry about that," said Willow with a snap of her fingers,
"Gotcha' covered."
"Or more to the point, not covered." Anya pointed out.

12:30 am Willies Bar

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this." Buffy mumbled, thinking Spike would have to be dead to not notice her in the outfit Willow had put on her. Laughing to herself at the thought she just had, she turned to Willow and Tara,

"You're absolutely sure the spell and the amulet are going to work?"

Willow nodded,
"Course, me and Tara have been working on them for weeks." She finished drunkenly.

"Weeks?! What do you mean weeks?" Buffy demanded.

Slapping a hand over her mouth, Buffy could clearly make out Willow say an "Oops, not supposed 'ta tell. Well, gotta go, have fun."

Buffy watched with her hands on her hips, only mildly irritated as what was supposed to be her nearest and dearest staggered off and drunken laughter echoed through the night.

Turning towards Willies, Buffy sighed before she pulled herself up to her full 6ft height (the six inch black patent, thigh high stiletto boots helped a lot.) And strode purposefully into the dingy dive.

Inside Willies

*Geez and I thought this place was a dump during the day, * came her first thought looking around the cracked booths and the peeling paint.

"You here for the bachelor party, sexy?"


"Oh, yeah bachelor party," a small rush of unwanted relief flooded through her as she realized Spike wasn't here just to ogle the Succubi that had been hired for the entertainment. *That's ok he'll be begging for more than that when I'm done with him. *

"It's in the back." Willie said.


"The party? In the back." Indicating a partially hidden door on her left.

"You're kinda late but I don't think they'll mind, fine succubus as yourself."

Buffy had to smile at that; the glamour was working if Willie couldn't see her.

"First a drink, on the house from Willie, maybe you and me later..." he leered as he placed a shot of whiskey on the bar in front of her.

" You never know, lover." She said downing the drink. She was definitely in need of some liquid courage. Setting the glass on the bar she spied a jar full of lollipops sitting on the bar,
"You mind?" she asked nodding at the jar.

"Nah....Sweet tooth huh?"

Winking at Willie as she popped a red cherry pop in her mouth,

The Back Room

Something felt strange. Spike shook his head to clear it, thinking maybe he'd had too much to drink, which was before he realized he hadn't drunk anything yet except for a whiskey. Not nearly enough to make him feel this strange. The only other time he could remember ever feeling like this was around...Scanning the room quickly he saw her the same time she saw him.

*Jesus, * was his first thought when he saw the slayer. * What the hell is she doing in the middle of a demons bachelor party? And why was he the only one to notice? And what the hell is she wearing? * This last thought followed quickly by the sudden erection in his jeans just screaming for slayer.

Leaning against a wall on the far side of the room Buffy eyed Spike coquettishly through the heart shaped pink sunglasses she had taken from dawn's room, all the time running her left hand down her toned stomach into the top of her very low, very tight, laced black vinyl short, shorts. At the same time running the sucker over her ruby lips, making sure he could see her pink tongue and her teeth graze the top of the sucker.

Spike's non-existent breath hitched in his chest as his bluer than blue eyes nearly popped and his mind kicked into instant overload. *Play it cool Spikey, she's here for a reason. Probably Scooby stuff. (Yeah, and that's what the get ups for to seduce some would be demon to death.) *

Buffy grinned inwardly to herself as a succubae walked by smiling at Buffy and handing her a drink,
"Here hon' helps with the boredom." She said as she rolled her golden eyes and kept walking.

Looking at Spike she could almost hear his thoughts, *No way is the slayer gonna down that, yada, yada, yada. *
Feeling naughty she popped out her sucker and in one graceful swallow the whole drink was gone. Still looking at Spike, she ran her finger around the rim and sucked it dry before replacing the sucker.

*Little chit just doesn't know what she's gotten 'erself into, * running his tongue over his sharp teeth his eyes flashing predatory gold. * So baby wants to play? Oh she'll play all right, and she's gonna play all night if I have my way. *

*Well, this is all well and good, * Buffy thought to herself, *but if I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna have to do it soon. * Pulling herself to her full height she walked towards Spike swinging her hips all the while running her hand down the tanned cleavage her skin tight vinyl vest showed, and looking at him like she was going to eat him alive. * Oh yeah baby, that's definitely sex in my eyes.*

Silkily moving up to him as he was talking to a rancor demon she leaned over and whispered in his ear,

"Wanna private dance from a slayer?" Running her hand suggestively down his blue silk shirt to the top of his jeans,
"I'm all yours tonight baby." Leaning back and looking at him with her big hazel eyes,
"Just say the word."

Spike watched her as she pulled the sucker out of her mouth, noting that the color was blood red, and watched hypnotized as her straight white teeth bit down into the sweet treat. That was all he needed.

"Mmmm ...How many licks does it take to get to the center of your tootsie pop?" She purred into his ear.

Making a remark in the rancor demons tongue, the demon chuckled patted her on the ass and walked away.
"You just got yourself one hell of a night slayer." He growled as his blue eyes sparked at her.

*Oh Lord, * her inner Faith thought, * I hope so. *

Private Dance

Watching her walk was to say tantalizing in the best way. Spike couldn't keep his eyes off the curve of her ass as she sashayed into one of the adjoining private rooms. Looking around she spied a lounge with more than enough room to make him suffer, so without so much as a glance over her shoulder, she nodded towards the couch and said throatily,
"Sit, the shows about to begin."

Spike did as he was told wondering what the slayer was doing behind the curtains, *she wasn't really going to go through with this was she? * Though the almost unbearable throbbing in his jeans wished fervently otherwise. Unbuttoning the top three buttons on his black leather pants, Spike thought *Better loosen up afore she comes back, never know what the slayer 'ad on her mind. *

The lights in the room began to dim till it was black as pitch Spikes vampire eyes still picking up Buffys lithe form as she moved onto the stage and wrapped her hand around the brass pole in front of her supporting her weight when the music started.

I love the way you look at me, I feel the pain you place inside
You lock me up inside your dirty cage, Well Im alone inside my mind
I like to teach you all the rules; I get to see them set in stone
I like it when you chain me to the bed, but then your secrets never show

Spike recognized the group, *Puddle of Mud, pretty good too, they were, not as good as Subhumanz but still ok. * Song was called Control. *Over who? * He wondered, *me? Yeah slayer that'll be the bloody day. * The smirk that was on his face quickly died away as he realized that a spotlight had come on her and was now bathing her in deep purple light, as she wrapped one of her legs around the pole and did a pretty good show of having sex with it.

Her head dropped back in a perfect arch as her golden mane of hair that had been pulled tight into a high ponytail, brushed the floor underneath her. Leaning her body up and close to the pole, she ran a hot tongue down it before pinning Spike to his seat with her smoldering eyes.

I Need To Feel You...You Need To Feel Me
I Can't Control You...You're not the one for me, NO!
I Can't Control You...You Can't Control Me
I Need To Feel You...So Why's there even you and me?

Letting go of the pole she moved her hands down her taut stomach to inch their way into the top of her shorts. Spike unknowingly held his breath watching her as she undulated and moved to the music like a cat. *Damn, all I want to do is throw her down and bury myself inside of her until she's screaming my name. * Spike's hand creeping down to readjust his erection.

Knowing that he was watching her every move was turning her on every bit, as it was he. Dropping to her knees on the floor and swinging her head to the beat, she slowly started to untie her shorts. Inch-by-Inch of creamy skin was revealed as she ran a hand up to her mouth sucking on her fingers and licking her wet ruby lips. Spike thought he was gonna go crazy by the time she lay on her stomach with her side to him doing a very sexy shimmy out of her shorts that looked remarkably like she was orgasming right there in front of him. Slowly she stretched her body on the floor turning so her back was to him and all he could stare at was the black lace thong that replaced the shorts and her perfect round ass, just begging to be bit.

Pulling her lithe body up from the floor her back to Spike the whole time, Buffy ran her hands down her ribcage, to her waist, and finally over her taut buttocks. Slapping one hand down on the right cheek, hard enough to leave a reddened handprint and then doing the same with the left cheek, she let out a groan of pure animalism. Turning her head to look over one shoulder at spike, she did a back flip so that she was now standing face first looking at him. Running her tongue over her lips and closing her eyes, she ran both hands up her neck and down again, her fingers clutching at the edges of her vest, with a sudden violent wrench she ripped the offending garment from her body, leaving only hot skin and heaving breasts in a black lace pushup bra and matching thong.

I like the way you rake my skin I feel the hate you place inside
I need to get you voice out of my head cause I'm the guy you never find
I think you know all of the rules 'there's no expression on my face
I hope that someday you will let me go Release me from my dirty cage.

With a snap of her firm legs, Buffy flipped herself off of the stage, and began a dance so erotic it would have put any stripper to shame, in front of spike. Bumping and grinding, shimmying and moving so sensuously it took all of Spike's self control not to touch her.

Leaning over him, her breasts thrust inches away from his face, she rested one hand behind his head, and rested the heel of the other on his chest. *Time for some fun,* she thought, as she could see the confusion on his face as the charm did its trick.

Running her hands down his chest she grabbed the satin shirt and ripped it down the middle, only to take a minute to admire his muscled chest before running her hot tongue down his abdomen to the top of his unbuttoned jeans.

Spike tried in vain to touch her, but it was a lost cause and her touch was driving him insane. *Christ, she must ave ad the witch come up with a spell, * he thought before he noticed the gem around her neck for the first time, (he was after all looking at other things).

*Interesting...*Recognizing the charm for what it was, he couldn't help but be impressed by the slayers ingenuity. He again wondered where this was leading and did she have the guts to tough it out? One thing was for sure, when his hands came free, she was going to find out what it was like to be possessed by a demon tonight.

Buffy moved her lithe body up spikes brushing her lace-clad breasts against his cool chest. A shudder moved through his body passing into hers as she ended up straddling hips. Bumping and grinding to the pulsating music, she ran her hands up to either side of his face, staring at his mouth with a look of pure seduction, she then dropped her candied lips to his for a long deep kiss. She practically sizzled with sexual energy, burning him long and deep. Making him want to go up in flames with her wrapped around his rock hard cock. Leaning her body back while still straddling his lap she ground her most female parts against his straining body, slipping her hands to the front of her bra, she looked into the ink blue irises and unsnapped it. With a wicked smile on her face she bared her perfect breasts to his heated gaze. Her nipples were already erect, showing Spike that he wasn't the only one affected by the dance.

Surprise, shock, and definite possession of power fought for control on his face as he realized that not only did he want her beyond all sane thought, but also that she wanted him the same.

Buffy recognized the very moment he realized that her whole show of control was just that, a show. What she really wanted was to be pounded into orgasmic mindlessness by the vamp that had held her interest from the very first. A look of longing passed over her eyes as she reached between them and tore her panties from her body, she then leaned over and whispered in his ear," I guess Spike got his didn't he?" With that statement made, Spike realized that he had gained control once more of his hands, it took him less than a second to undo his leather pants and impale the slayer on his cool stiff cock.

The shriek that she let loose shook the very rafters as she felt him fill the innermost of her womanhood. Pulling her honeyed lips down to his again he continued to thrust into her as she began her descent into sexual madness. Throwing her hair over her right shoulder she beckoned him to her neck as his demon emerged. Embedding his teeth into her soft supple neck, her blood ran into his mouth as his cock exploded into her overheated depths and Buff screamed out her ecstasy as she convulsed around his hardness. Shudder after shudder went through the both of them and they joined into one orgasmic bliss filled being. Resting her head on his shoulder she turned her face into his neck sighing contentedly.

" Mmmmm, now that was a lap dance I could live with forever," Spike said, before gently brushing his lips against hers.

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